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  • Infographic: Energy Benefits of Shutters

    Aside from upgrading any room's decor, shutters also have many other benefits. Click here to discover 5 of the energy benefits shutters offer.


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  • Infographic: How to Clean and Maintain Your Shutters

    Keep your shutters looking flawless for the duration of your 25-year warranty with our simple cleaning tips. Click to learn the best ways to clean and maintain your plantation shutters.


  • Infographic: Wood vs. Polyresin

    When choosing shutters for your home, there are a lot of decisions to make. You have to choose the color, size, style and material of your new shutters. Allow Eclipse Shutters to make one decision easy for you. Refer to the graphic to learn about wood shutters vs. polyresin shutters. 

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  • Interior Shutters that will Look Great in Your Kitchen

    Shutters are a great investment to make in your home. They are beautiful, yet durable. They can maintain their attractiveness for as long as you’re in your home and will last a lifetime with minimal care. They can also improve your home's resale value when you decide to sell. At Eclipse Shutters, we’re so confident in the durability of our faux shutters that we offer a 25-year warranty.

    Consider Faux Shutters for Your Kitchen

    While faux shutters make a beautiful addition to living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, some people don’t think of them for the kitchen. However, their unique qualities make them the perfect window treatments for one of the busiest rooms in most homes.

    Moisture Resistant

    Quality faux shutters are terrific for rooms like kitchens, as well and bathrooms, where they will be exposed to moisture from steam, water and spills. They are moisture resistant, so they won’t mildew, warp, crack or rust. They’re also perfect for our hot, humid Atlanta summers. You can leave the windows and shutters open to allow in fresh air. When the house is closed up in the summer and the air conditioner is running, they can help keep out hot air that can seep in and can drive up energy costs.

    Easy to Clean

    Because they just need to be wiped off with mild soap and water, you don’t have to worry about spills or splashes while you’re making your favorite family meal. Faux shutters can also stand up to all the activity that goes on in the kitchens of busy families.

    A Safe Choice for Families

    Eclipse Shutters’ interior shutters are fire retardant NFPA701 Certified. Our interior shutters are GREENGUARD Gold certified and listed on GREENGUARD's website for microbial resistance, so they resist the growth of mold and mildew. That helps keep your family safe from bacteria that can lead to viruses and exacerbate respiratory conditions.

    Shutters for Doors

    If your kitchen opens onto a patio, bi-fold or by-pass faux shutters are the perfect solution. They lend an air of elegance to your kitchen, provide privacy when you need it and hold up to fingerprints and other everyday grime. Eclipse Shutters is proud to offer the new UltraSatin™ finish that gives our faux wood shutters the look of real wood without painting and other maintenance that goes along with it. Our neutral colors, Cotton, Pearl and Vanilla, go well with any kitchen color and decor. If a kitchen remodel is one of your New Year’s resolutions, or if you’re just thinking of sprucing up your kitchen soon, complete our short online form to find an Eclipse Shutters dealer near you.
  • Interior Shutters That Will Welcome Your New Baby with Style

    When becoming a new parent, you want everything to be absolutely perfect for the newest addition to your family. And one thing that is a constant concern as you prepare for parenthood is making sure that everything in your home is safe and baby-proofed. Once infants become mobile and begin crawling around, there are a variety of potential messes and mishaps they can get themselves into. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have stylish furnishings in your home that were not only baby-proof, but also durable enough to look good well past the terrible two's?

    Stylish Interior Shutters for Your Nursery

    Eclipse plantation style shutters are made from a polyresin material that can easily be cleaned with soap and water. This allows for a dust-free environment in one of most important rooms in your home - the nursery. A major benefit for the baby's room, living room or any other room in your home is that Eclipse plantation shutters are GREENGUARD® Gold Certified. The GREENGUARD Gold Certification is designed to define low-emitting materials suitable for environments where people, particularly children and sensitive adults, spend extended periods of time, in particular schools and healthcare facilities. Eclipse Shutters are also listed on the GREENGUARD website for Microbial Resistance and are non-porous, making it difficult for harmful mold and mildew to grow. As your child grows, you may worry about your child climbing on everything. The window sill, especially with an open window, is a major worry for parents. Interior shutters installed in the nursery are a quick solution because they block the window while allowing air to flow throughout the room. The frames and slats of Eclipse plantation shutters have a cellular design, which traps hot and cold air and stops it from passing through the window into your home. You never have to worry about having to repaint or replace Eclipse Shutters. You can customize them to match any room color that you choose. These shutters are also durable and come standard with a 25-year warranty - the best in the industry! Install Eclipse plantation shutters today and cross "safe window treatments" off of your nursery wish list!
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  • Interior Shutters: What is the ROI?

    Interior shutters can be an excellent addition to any home, but they're not the kind of accessory you replace every two or three years. In fact, these beautiful window treatments are meant to be long-term investments that last for many years to come. With that said, if you're going to be spending several thousand dollars on shutters, you're probably curious about the return-on-investment (ROI) this home accessory can deliver.

    Here are some elements you should consider when calculating the return on investment of shutters:


    Will They Still Be In Style Five or Ten Years From Now?

    The good news is that this is an easy question to answer. Shutters are generally considered to be timeless and classic additions to any home, which means a few years down the road, they'll be just as beautiful and on-trend as they were the day you purchased them.

    The timeless element of this accessory is a positive factor in terms of ROI. You won't have to worry about replacing them shortly after installation because these shutters simply are made to withstand the test of time.

    How Long Will You Be In Your Home?

    If you're selling your home soon and considering adding shutters to increase your home's market price, you should speak to a Realtor. An experienced real estate professional will help you understand how this type of addition can help your home stand out from the competition. If a higher sale is the sole reason you're considering installing shutters, your Realtor can likely give you ballpark in terms of the ROI you'll receive.

    Alternatively, if you're not planning on going anywhere for five years or so, shutters will pay for themselves several times over because you won't be faced with costly replacements, repairs, upgrades, maintenance, and style updates, which would otherwise be necessary with a different window covering option.

    Are You Planning to Install Your Shutters Yourself?

    Some homeowners opt to install their shutters themselves, but the end result can end up costing you ROI. When you're investing in a high-quality home accessory, it doesn't make sense to skimp on the installment, as an amateur installation could ultimately harm the entire aesthetic of the final product.

    To achieve maximum ROI, spend the extra money, and make sure a professional installs your shutters so you won't have worries down the road.

    Join in the conversation, and find out how shutters have measured up for others @eclipseshutters!

  • Keeping Your Eclipse Shutters Looking Like New

    Custom Eclipse Shutters are an elegant addition to any home. Their stylish appearance and ease of maintenance have made them a popular decorating choice for years. A light periodic cleaning will keep these shutters looking as good as the day they were installed. Eclipse Shutters carry a 25-year warranty, the longest warranty in the window covering industry. 

    The frequency of cleaning will depend on the home environment. Dust will eventually accumulate on the surfaces. A light dusting may be all that is necessary to keep the shutters looking their best. For removing heavy dust, the shutters can be vacuumed using a soft brush attachment. This will trap the dust particles and keep them from floating back onto the surface. The louvers can easily be tilted so all surfaces can be reached. A dry cloth can be used to make sure the shutters are thoroughly clean. Eclipse Shutters have a unique UltraSatin™ Finish in three neutral colors to give their products the look of freshly painted wood without the upkeep of wood. The finish will never crack, peel, fade, or yellow like painted surfaces. Eclipse Shutters will never need to be repainted or refinished.

    Because Eclipse Shutters are not constructed with wood products, they can be safely wiped with a damp cloth. This makes them the perfect choice for water-prone and high humidity areas including kitchens and bathrooms. Their non-porous, waterproof surface will not rot, warp, or mildew. They are also listed on the GREENGUARD® website for microbial resistance.

    Since Eclipse Shutters are GREENGUARD® Gold Certified for use in sensitive environments, you can be comfortable knowing that cleaning them only requires light dusting or mild soap and water - no harsh chemicals, lemon oil or furniture polish needs to be used. They emit low VOCs, making them an appropriate choice for use in baby nurseries, hospitals, schools, and nursing homes.

    If you have a busy lifestyle and a low maintenance window covering is a necessity, Eclipse Shutters are the best choice for you and your family!
  • Knowing the Role of Your Hospital's Physical Environment

    With patient satisfaction ratings more relevant than ever to a hospital’s financial performance, hospital administrators are working to increase patient satisfaction scores. The hospital environment has a significant influence on those scores. At Eclipse Shutters, we offer plantation shutters designed with the needs of healthcare facilities in mind. How Do Hospital Design Features Impact Patient Satisfaction? Studies have shown that hospital decor and design can actually impact clinical outcomes and reduce stress for patients and their families. The more aesthetically pleasing and comforting the environment is, the more relaxed patients and their loved ones feel. The more comfortable the environment, the higher patients rate their satisfaction with the hospital in multiple areas — even those not directly related to their surroundings. Improved hospital design can also help reduce fatigue and stress among staff members. This can improve the level and effectiveness of care provided. Why You Should Consider Eclipse Shutters for Health Care Facilities Among their many advantages, they are perfect for medical facilities because they are:
    • GREENGUARD® Gold Certified
    • GREENGUARD® listed for microbial resistance
    • Durable yet low maintenance design
    • Easy to clean
    • NFPA701 Certified fire retardant
    • Child-safe design
    • UV resistant
    Our faux plantation shutters have the look and elegance of real wood shutters. However, unlike those shutters, they will not peel, warp or fade and never need to be refinished. All they need is cleaning with a mild soap and water. They are also energy-efficient and help keep out the heat or cold from the outside to help you control the room temperature. The Importance of a Room with a View Plantation shutters can be adjusted to let the maximum amount of sunlight in. Studies have shown that brightly-lit rooms and a view out the window can improve patient satisfactions and fight depression. In fact, in questionnaires, patients have indicated a preference for a window view of nature while hospitalized. Researchers have also found that in some cases, patients exposed to sunlight have less anxiety and pain, require less medication and sleep better. Of course, our indoor plantation shutters can close to block sunlight and ensure privacy when needed. For more specifics on the sizes and types of shutters we offer for healthcare facilities and more details about their features, take a look at our brochure for healthcare industry customers. They are durable, easy to clean and come with a 25-year warranty. To find the Eclipse Shutters dealer closest to you, just fill out our online form.
  • Let the Sun In!

    Life as we know it would not exist without the sun. Humans have devised many ways to counter the obstacles set in place by the natural world, but we can only go so long without sunlight. A daily dose of natural light is what keeps us happy and healthy. It affects everything from our mood and our circadian rhythms to our physical well-being. On top of that, using natural light helps reduce our energy use.
    Your Home Deserves Sunlight Too many homeowners have become accustomed to relying on artificial light at times when it is not needed. In reality, the only time you should ever turn the lights on in your home is after the sun sets, though we know this is a rarity in modern households. There are numerous ways to bring more sunlight into your house, some which are actually fairly creative. One of the easiest ways to add more natural light is to install additional windows, particularly in the rooms that have the fewest number. Placement is more important than quantity, so take the time to assess which wall and window height is best. For upper-level corridors and certain ground floor rooms, a newly installed skylight can significantly increase the amount of natural light. The paint color you use also has a big effect on room lightening as does the presence of mirrors and other reflective products. The darker the shade, the greater the light absorption, this is why it is highly recommended to paint small rooms with neutral color palettes. Strategically placed mirrors will bounce the light from one wall to the next, casting it into the darkest recesses of your home. Another thing you will want to do is spend some time researching window coverings. Plantation shutters are an excellent choice for people looking to maximize the flow of natural light as their louvers can be opened fully. The angles provided by these window treatments afford the greatest amount of control with regards to light and privacy, making them a definite win-win. Custom fabricated for every window, they are also perfect coverings for bay windows and other unique, light-maximizing window styles. Your natural light-increasing efforts need not stop inside. Trim nearby tree branches and shrubs that may be impeding incoming sunlight. This will also reveal more of your house and boost its curb appeal. Check out the wide selection of interior shutters at Eclipse Shutters to get started!
  • Making a New House Feel Like Home

    Congratulations, you have just finalized the most important investment of your life. You are a homeowner and are more than eager to start decorating to make the space your own. No matter if you live in a two-story Victorian or a single-story Bungalow, this part of home ownership is arguably the most exciting and stressful. You probably have a million questions running through your mind and are unsure of what step to take first, but patience and planning are the keys to decoration success.

    Design the House You Want To Come Home To

    Take your time and work on one room or project at a time. Tackling the seemingly massive task at hand is easier when you do so in a logistical manner. At this point, you may or may not have a sizable amount of funds lying around (hopefully you allocated a portion of your budget for design and decoration), so if money is tight, stick to the basics. Window treatments are an inexpensive necessity, so this is a probably a good place to begin. You can either mix and match window treatments or maintain a uniform look throughout the entire house. You will want to choose a product that matches your desired design theme and also safeguards your privacy. Blinds, interior shutters, curtains, and drapes are all potential material choices, and there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of subsets in each category. We did say the decoration phase is challenging, but with a little help, you should have no problem turning your current, blank slate of a house into your long-awaited dream home! The great thing about interior plantation shutters is that they complement .every housing style. Although they were originally created for use on Southern plantations to promote lighting and airflow during the sweltering summer months, these window treatments have since expanded to include a vast array of styles. Regardless of where you live, plantation shutters are a solid window covering option. Do your best to picture your new place as a fresh canvas, one waiting to be painted with your personal style and flavor. When viewed in this light, the decorating phase is so much more exciting. You will be amazed at the transformative effects a new set of interior shutters can provide, so get busy shopping!
  • Maximize the Light While Maintaining Privacy in Your House With Shutters

    Shutters continue to gain popularity as a window treatment solution. Not only are they elegant and sophisticated, but they are also practical.  There are many reasons that you should choose to have Eclipse Shutters' custom blinds installed. The overall look and superior craftsmanship of shutters are impressive as are the shutters' adjustment capabilities, which allow you to control the amount of light allowed into a room. By being able to control the natural sunlight, you can reduce cooling costs in your home.

    Form and Function

    A great benefit to installing our shutters throughout your home is that they can provide privacy while still allowing light into the room thanks to the tilt bars that allow you to adjust the louvers. With shutters, you can control natural sunlight to protect furnishings and carpets. When the shutters are completely closed, it is virtually impossible to see into a room, which helps to increase the security of your home and protect your belongings. Shutters are easy to care for and can be expected to last for years. Installing them throughout your home also adds to the home's value and is a worthwhile upgrade. Shutters give windows a finished look that fits into any decor while providing additional security to your home. When deciding if shutters are right for your home, keep in mind that they are long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, can help reduce energy costs and can provide security for your home. With our custom-made interior shutters, you get the best possible fit and a high-quality product with a 25-year guarantee.  shutters are not only attractive and functional additions to your home, but will also last for years to come.
  • New Year, New Shutters?

    The new year always brings in new resolutions and aspirations. One of the most widely seen ambitions is to make improvements in your life, and with that, comes upgrades and updates to your home!  Being happy in your home and being pleased with its look is always something to strive for. Maybe you want to increase your curb appeal and energy efficiency. You can do just that with brand new plantation shutters!

    Enhancing Your Home with Eclipse Plantation Shutters

    Eclipse plantation shutters add a customized, timeless design to your home. These shutters are installed with a special interior mount that minimizes the light that enters into your home and best of all, it comes with a 25-year warranty.  Designed with poly-resin material, which looks like wood, these shutters are easy to clean and ultra-durable. They also have a built in light resistant and will never fade. Window shutters make your home look appealing and clean. Springing for attractive shutters can always be a great investment if you ever want to sell your home because it's a major consideration for potential house buyers.  Interior shutters come in all different materials, such as vinyl, wood, aluminum, blends and more. Shutters can change the appearance and style of your home while tying in a central color theme for your home.  Plantation shutters are great to keep out the elements of all seasons. High winds can leave your windows exposed to flying debris, particularly in the case of tornadoes. Heavy rains and snowfall can also knock down trees and large limbs. During the winter, you can reduce heat loss by nearly 50 percent with shutters. They also are economical for summer months because they help reduce the amount of heat and sunlight that floods your home and lower your energy bill since your air conditioner won't be running in overdrive.
  • Reasons to Install Shutters

    Although shutters might seem like a major investment, there are many reasons why choosing shutters over other window treatments is the wisest decision for your home. Beyond the sleek look and timeless design, shutters can provide energy efficient cost savings, easy maintenance, and long term equity for your home. Below are just a few of the reasons you should consider choosing shutters over blinds or drapes.



    The look of shutters is one of its biggest draws, and no wonder - they are a stunning addition to a home. They provide a clean, crisp look that works with many styles from traditional to contemporary, and also gives a cohesive look throughout your home. They are also custom fitted to your windows, merging seamlessly with the structure of your house, and can be dressed up or down with different paint options, or even the addition of fabric window treatments.


    Energy Efficiency

    Because of the way shutters are constructed, with adjustable louvers, you can maintain privacy while still allowing for as much, or as little, light and ventilation as you may want. Shutters also provide an extra layer of insulation against your windows, helping to warm or cool your home in extreme temperatures and saving money on your utility bills.



    Shutters are perhaps one of the easiest window treatments to maintain. Their sturdy construction makes them easy to dust. Eclipse shutters can be wiped down with a damp cloth since they are water resistant. There are no flimsy blinds to worry about bending, and no cloth to be soiled. shutters are also ideal for homes with small children or animals, as there are no dangling cords to pose either a safety hazard, or a way to accidentally pull the treatments down.


    Home Equity

    Just as upgrading a bathroom can add to the value of your home, upgrading your windows with permanent window treatments such as shutters also increases the resale value. Home buyers are usually impressed with shutters, and will pay a premium for a home that comes with them. Since shutters are also long lasting and timeless in style, this is a one-time investment. You will not need to upgrade or change your shutters every five years to maintain their value or look. These are just a few of the reasons you should consider shutters for your home, but there are many others. Consider contacting Eclipse Shutterstoday, so we can discuss the many benefits of shutters with you.
  • Reasons Why Top Designers Choose Shutters

    As a leading shutter manufacturer, we know why our products come highly recommended by many designers. As a design element, interior shutters are highly versatile, they enjoy a wide appeal among homeowners and they help provide a safe and comfortable environment. All are excellent reasons why shutters are the first choice of well-informed and client-centered designers.

    Versatile Design Element

    Designers know that the classic features of interior shutters complement a wide range of design styles. They support traditional, modern and even eclectic decor with equal ease and panache. They are beautiful and attractive enough to be at the forefront of any interior room design. Alternately, they can be the perfect background to highlight and bring out the best design features of a room. Their versatility also means a designer can completely redesign a room without having to worry about the new decor conflicting with the interior shutters.

    Wide Consumer Appeal

    As functional as they are attractive, interior shutters give homeowners absolute control over their privacy. If you tilt the louvers at just the right angle, you can see out but no one on the outside can see in. It enhances the enjoyment of their home and can even increase its market value.

    Comfortable Home Environment

    Designers work hard to ensure that their clients end up with a safe and comfortable home environment that is aesthetically pleasing at the same time. shutters help them accomplish both goals. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, they are also excellent insulators. In the summer, they prevent harsh sunlight from entering a room and help keep cold air in. During colder months, they prevent warm air from escaping and help keep a room at a comfortable temperature. Homeowners can enjoy less fluctuation in temperature throughout the year. Find the ideal interior window shutters for your windows at Eclipse Shutters. Our products are expertly crafted and designed to give homeowners many years of use and enjoyment. Our shutters are guaranteed to take the décor of your home to the next level!
  • Redefining "Neutral" in 2014 Interior Design

    Here at Eclipse Shutters, we know that after a long day at work, the first thing you want to do is kick back and relax. Everyone unwinds in their own personal way, but the color of your home's walls can have a significant impact on how you get to this state of mind. This is no trade secret; many studies have been conducted on the psychological impact of the color spectrum. Bright, bold shades like yellow and green are motivating, uplifting and energizing, while more neutral earth tones are praised for their tranquility-inspiring powers.

    A New Approach to Neutral

    Armed with this knowledge and a desire to give their customers complete control over how to craft a unique living space, Benjamin Moore has recently launched a new neutral color palette for its 2014 paint inventory. These swatches illustrate an emerging trend, one that focuses more on the experience you get when you walk through the door. Your home is your sanctuary, and these neutral tones were created to make this part of your life stand out and be noticed in a subtle yet captivating manner. The shift away from bold and daring to beautifully humble is here. These colors instantly set the mood and complement existing room decor like our plantation shutters and other window coverings. The neutral palette is organized into four broad color sections. The first is the "Greens and Earthy Neutrals," and they range from the brightest Van Alen Green to the darker Sparrow. This color scheme is ideal for people wanting to craft a warm and inviting atmosphere. As such, they are recommended in rooms that are meant to be a source of comfort rather than stimulation (e.g. bedrooms, restrooms). The "Plums and Lavender" section is comprised of five tones (Lavender Mist, Super Nova, Nightingale, Black Satin and Iced Mauve). Formal living spaces and master bedrooms are where these colors shine. Purple is a naturally feminine tone and is a great way to add a touch of flair to a much-needed space. Black Satin is the darkest shade on the new neutral palette (some may consider it outside the spectrum) and should be placed in larger rooms when the goal is to direct attention or to form a dramatic focal point. The "Blue Family" is light, cool and airy, but also features some darker colors as well (Van Deusen, Flint and Normandy). The last group is the "Pinks and Neutrals," which includes Light Peach and Coral Essence.  Every shade in Benjamin Moore's 2014 collection is intended to mesh well with home furnishings. Neutrals go perfect with artwork, pottery, textiles, carpet and especially your interior plantation shuttersfrom Eclipse Shutters.
  • Selecting Shutter Colors that Coordinate with Your Home's Interior

    Shutters can add instant beauty and elegance to any home, but once you've decided to purchase them, your decision-making process isn't complete. You may be stuck wondering how you can select shutter colors that coordinate with your home interior.

    If this sounds familiar, you're not alone! Here are some tips from the pros at Eclipse Shutters to help you with your color-coordinating decisions:

    • The Classic Color. Cotton white shutters have become quite common due to their classic elegance and ability to make any room look its very best. If your room is painted in neutral tones, white shutters will easily match the calm and even tone of your space. Alternatively, if you've decided to go with bright, vibrant hues on your walls, white shutters can add extra eye-appeal, focusing visitors' eyes on these lovely window accessories each time they walk into the room. White gets bonus points because you won't have to ;worry about updating your shades if you get bored of the rest of your room's color scheme and need a change.
    • A Touch of Warmth. If you're looking for a way to bring a warmer tone to your interior, you may wish to consider off-white shades such as the Pearl or Vanilla tones offered by Eclipse Shutters. Each of these offers a softer experience than brilliant white, which makes them great for rooms where you intend to relax and unwind, such as your bedroom. Brightly colored accent walls tend to look much warmer when accented by softer shutters, whereas vibrant white will add a distinctive focal point to the room.
    • Define Your Style. What kind of personality does the room in question have? Is it ultra-modern with clean, sleek lines and modern furniture? If so, a white shutter might fit the mood best. Is it a relaxing room with neutral furniture where the family hangs out and enjoys the days' conversation? If this is the case, a softer-toned shutter might enhance the atmosphere optimally.
    The most important part of choosing the right color scheme to match your home interior is finding a hue that speaks to you. Looking for a little visual inspiration? Please feel free to browse our Eclipse Shutters gallery, and let us know if you have any questions!
  • Selecting the Correct Shutter Style for Windows

    If the intrusion of on-lookers into your home has become an unwelcome part of your everyday life, it's probably time to consider some appropriate window coverings. shutters can offer you an exceptional way to invite privacy into your home while letting the light shine in when you choose to. But, not all shutters are created equal. If you're considering shutters, but have found yourself confused by the many options available on the market, this buyers' guide should help you along the path to perfect privacy protection.

    EclipseShutters New8

    Understand Your Style Situation

    There's more than meets-the-eye to a great shutter selection. There are plenty of details that you may not have even thought about before. Some of the features you'll probably want to consider include:
    • Color
    • Louver size (view-through)
    • Tilt mechanism
    • Frame
    • Configuration
    The ultimate variety of options is seemingly limitless, and the product that's best for you will combine your personal style with the functionality that's best-suited for your unique situation.

    Consider Obstructions

    If you're stuck deciding between bi-fold and standard configuration shutters, there may be a few deal-breakers. Both are beautiful window treatments, but one might fit your needs better than the other. For example, a bi-fold configuration gives you the flexibility to tuck away the shutters giving you more space for light to come through the window. Standard configuration shutters can work quite well for wide-open spaces.

    Figure Out Your Framing

    There's a bit of science involved in selecting the right frame for your shutters. To begin with, you'll need to know if you plan to mount the shutters inside or outside the window frame. There are several options for either choice. Once you've decided which framing choice works best for you, the rest of the selection lies within your own personal style and overall preference. Before you invest in shutters, you'll want to be sure that you're working with a company that's happy to answer your questions and stands by its products. Eclipse Shutters has a nationwide network of dealers that can help you with any questions you may have regarding framing, measuring, and installation. We welcome you to contact our Eclipse Shutters team with any inquiries you may have. In return, we'll provide you with friendly, expert advice to help you with your decision.
  • Selecting the Proper Frame for Your Shutters

    Eclipse Shutters customers make their shutters their own by selecting the color, louver size, tilt option, and frame. You may not have given much thought to what kind of frame would work best with your shutters and your window. However, it’s important both for style and functionality, to give some thought to that choice. You’re making a wise investment in your home by purchasing Eclipse interior plantation shutters. The frame is an important finishing touch for that investment. We offer a selection of decorative frame options for inside-mounted and outside-mounted plantation shutters. Shutters with an inside mount cover only the inside of the opening. Those with an outside mount cover the entire window opening, including the trim. Window frames with any kind of an obstruction, such as an alarm or hand crank and those with a tilt-in window need an outside mount. We also offer extensions for our inside and outside mount frames if needed to avoid the obstructions.

    Eclipse Shutters’ Frame Selection

    Our inside mount frame options are:

    • L Frame
    • Z Frame
    • Deluxe Trim Frame
    • Trim Frame
    • Casing Sill/Decorative L Frame.

    Our outside mount options are:

    • L Frame
    • Casing Frame
    • Casing Sill/Decorative L Frame
    We offer the traditional L Frame and Casing Sill frames for both inside and outside mounts. The Casing Sill frame adds an attractive finish for windows with sills. You can see all of these frame styles in our brochures. You can also watch our video on frame selection. Your Eclipse Shutters dealer can answer any questions you have as you make your frame selection. We have dealers who offer our plantation shutters in Atlanta and across the country. We are proud to be the best-selling shutter provider in North America, as well as the largest manufacturer of custom plantation shutters. For a list of the dealers near you, just complete the contact form.
  • Selling Your Home? 5 Window Upgrades That Will Increase Your Property Value

    When you're getting ready to sell your home, you will probably be advised to make a few upgrades to increase property value and general appeal for your property. Different window upgrades can help you do just that! They are one of the most cost-effective upgrades that you can make and even provide some benefits while you're waiting for your home to sell.

    Plantation Shutters

    Plantation shutters are a stylish and simple addition to your home's decor. They complement both traditional and contemporary window styles while keeping your home protected from the outside elements.  Aside from their sophisticated look, plantation shutters help lower your energy bill by reducing energy consumption. They also last a lifetime and come equipped with a 25-year warranty. 

    Double- or Triple-Paned Windows

    Without a doubt, the look of a double- or triple-paned window is aesthetically pleasing. It helps modernize your home a bit. Replacing your windows completely is always a great idea, especially if you have any air leaks or cracks. With these multiple panes, you will increase the energy efficiency of your home, and that is something that a potential house buyer will love to see on paper. 

    Aluminum Windows

    Aluminum windows are a great option because they don't compromise options in color or style. Aluminum windows require very limited maintenance, especially since they will not require a fresh coat of paint from time to time. 

    Timber Windows

    Timber windows are a style that hasn't been seen in a while but they're making a strong comeback. They're super energy efficient and easily add to property value. Many potential home buyers will be wowed with the wood type that you choose, especially when springing for something such as cedar, so it's definitely worth adding that tidbit to your home listing!

    Different Window Styles

    There are many different styles of windows available from bay to rake and more. Elaborate and unique window designs are appealing and memorable to spark the interest and attention of house hunters. Image Courtesy of: Creative Commons
  • Shutters Boost Privacy in Any Setting

    Privacy, whether at home or at work, is highly-prized but not often achieved. Privacy begins with a state of mind and grows to include physical surroundings. With 79% of the U.S. population living in urban areas and population density being between 2,300 (Ketchikan, Alaska) and 69,000+ (Manhattan, New York) in incorporated cities, gaining privacy by putting physical space between you and your neighbor is almost impossible. That's where we come in. Nothing boosts the sense of privacy like shutters. They are opaque, easy to adjust, and unlike drapes, allow air to circulate from outdoors, all without allowing any outsider to see into your living or working space. In addition to providing stylish privacy, shutters add to the value of your home. New owners will not have to replace them because Eclipse Shutters:
    • Carry a 25-year warranty and are known to be the best in the business.
    • Become permanent window treatments. They stay with the house and are one less thing for new owners to have to worry about.
    • Always keep their like-new look. They do not fade, warp, crack or peel, even in higher-humidity environments.
    • Never need to be refinished or repainted. Dusting or wiping with a damp cloth is all the upkeep needed.
    • Help decrease utility bills by keeping heat out in the summer and cold out in the winter
    • Do not need child- or pet-proofing because they are cordless and safe to install around children and pets.
    • Are non-porous, which makes them safe for everyone to be around.

    Even if you plan to list your home on the real-estate market in as few as ten days, Eclipse can complete custom orders in time for them to be installed by the first showing. If you have any questions or concerns about Eclipse Shutters, please contact us. We're here to help you.