Shutters Make the Perfect Alternative to French Doors

What could make your lanai or a breezeway more elegant? Shutters are a sophisticated yet functional choice. Do you have a balcony or patio off the master bedroom? Shutters can add to the romantic, classic feeling of the room while still providing privacy. Installing quality custom-made shutters in a doorway creates a very appealing aesthetic that works well with any design theme, helps to reduce energy costs and maintains your privacy. The tilt bar that controls the louvers can be adjusted to allow light through while not allowing anyone to see into your home. The shutters can also protect your furnishings and carpeting from sun damage as well as reduce your energy costs. To custom-make shutters for a doorway, it is best to have one of our professionals from Eclipse Shutters measure the opening to ensure a perfect fit. Once the measurements are provided to the manufacturer, the fabrication process begins.  Our shutters are built using quality materials and the latest technologies available. State-of-the-art equipment will be used to cut and form the shutters to be assembled and then brought to your home for the final step: the installation. By having our professionals handle the measurements and the installation, you will be able to be protected by our 25-year warranty. Besides all the practical benefits that shutters can provide, there is no denying that they are an attractive and eye-catching choice. Shutters are becoming more popular in higher-end homes as an alternative to french doors because of the finished look they provide. They are available in several different colors that can fit with the color schemes of your home. They can viewed as an enhancement to your overall decorating plan while remaining practical. shutters are a wonderful doorway solution that can bring years of pleasure as well as increase the value of your home. Contact us today about designing and installing custom indoor shutters on your windows.

A Guide to Decorating with Pantone's Spring 2014 Colors

It's that time of year again - spring cleaning. For homeowners, this means finally getting around to those remodeling projects that got placed on the back burner all winter.  Want to know the best way to follow through with those good intentions? Take small steps and work on one room at a time. Having a mindset of tackling an entire house can lead to plenty of frustration, which is not good. What better way to jump on the design bandwagon than by simply changing the color on the walls? Paint does a lot more than people give it credit for. A fresh coat can make a small space larger, a dark space lighter and many other magical things! Knowing what color to choose is not easy though. Thankfully, the folks at Pantone have decided to make your life a whole lot easier. The shades picked by the fashion experts for their spring clothing collections work perfectly for houses both on walls and ceilings or as accents on molding, shelving or our custom indoor shutters.  Warm weather is just around the corner, so now is the time to choose colors that are airy, inviting and relaxing. Here is a brief overview of their spring-worthy shades:
  • Cayenne - This dark red is bold and full of spring flair. Make it work to your benefit by matching it with neutral tone walls and flooring. The color is ideal for bedroom accessories (wall sconces, ornaments, drapes over shutters, etc.) and bedding.
  • Celosia Orange - A bright color that is bound to put anyone in a good mood, Celosia works well in small spaces and entryways. Mudrooms are an ideal spot, but it can also look great in the right bedroom.
  • Dazzling Blue - Blues are trending in 2014, especially rich cobalt. This shade is a bit on the purple side and can work wonders for powder rooms. Half baths are a prime location; remember to pair it with decorative wallpaper to achieve its full effect.
  • Freesia - Paint your four-seasons patio this bright yellow and be prepared to always wake up in a happy mood. This friendly tone is relaxing, but at the same time, perfect for uplifting a dull mood.
Other popular Pantone picks for spring include Hemlock, Paloma, Placid Blue and Radiant Orchid, Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year. So paint those walls, install some of our interior shutters and watch your room transform before your eyes!

How Do Fabricators Custom Make Shutters?

Our shutters are an elegant and stunning addition to any decor. They are designed to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also to perform well. You may have wondered what goes into creating our  shutters. But before we go any further, let's clarify the difference between custom and custom-made shutters. “Custom” is a broad term and refers to shutters that are pre-made and then cut down to fit the specifications of the window installation. This process can sometimes result in shutters that do not fit properly. “Custom-made” means that the shutters were built to your specifications to insure that they fit correctly and perform well. The real question is, how are custom-made shutters fabricated? The first step in the fabrication process is to properly measure the window openings to ensure a great fit. You can follow the instructions provided by your s shutter fabricator or you can have a professional obtain the measurements. Generally, it is better to have a professional take care of this job to ensure that the measurements are correct. One incorrect measurement can result in a costly mistake. Next, the shutters are created using your measurements and the materials that you chose. A shutter is made of five components: the louvers, tilt-bar, top and bottom rails, divider rail and frame. Each of these is customized to fit your window. You can also choose different widths for the louvers. Using the very best quality materials, the shutters are built with state-of the-art precision equipment. Once the fabrication process is complete, the shutters are ready to be installed. Have a professional install your shutters or do it yourself by following our guide. Properly installed shutters will give you years of pleasure with smooth operation. Custom-made shutters are a wonderful addition to any home or business. They help to control cooling costs, protect furnishing and carpeting and provide security. You can easily adjust your shutters to control the amount of natural light that is allowed into a room. shutters give a room a finished look that works well with any theme or style. Learning how custom-made shutters are made allows you to see the attentions to detail that is needed to make a quality product. Take time to select your source for your shutters and remember to look for custom-made shutters using quality materials from a reputable shutter company. You will find that custom-made shutters are a wonderful addition to and investment in your home.

Maximize the Light While Maintaining Privacy in Your House With Shutters

Shutters continue to gain popularity as a window treatment solution. Not only are they elegant and sophisticated, but they are also practical.  There are many reasons that you should choose to have Eclipse Shutters' custom blinds installed. The overall look and superior craftsmanship of shutters are impressive as are the shutters' adjustment capabilities, which allow you to control the amount of light allowed into a room. By being able to control the natural sunlight, you can reduce cooling costs in your home.

Form and Function

A great benefit to installing our shutters throughout your home is that they can provide privacy while still allowing light into the room thanks to the tilt bars that allow you to adjust the louvers. With shutters, you can control natural sunlight to protect furnishings and carpets. When the shutters are completely closed, it is virtually impossible to see into a room, which helps to increase the security of your home and protect your belongings. Shutters are easy to care for and can be expected to last for years. Installing them throughout your home also adds to the home's value and is a worthwhile upgrade. Shutters give windows a finished look that fits into any decor while providing additional security to your home. When deciding if shutters are right for your home, keep in mind that they are long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, can help reduce energy costs and can provide security for your home. With our custom-made interior shutters, you get the best possible fit and a high-quality product with a 25-year guarantee.  shutters are not only attractive and functional additions to your home, but will also last for years to come.

Shutters for Any Design Aesthetic

It is springtime and you want to make some changes around the house, so you decided to do a design makeover. You bought a few gallons of paint and brought in some new furniture. So far, everything seems to be going well, but something feels off. You can't quite put your finger on it, but the room does not feel quite complete... Have you paid any attention lately to your windows? A lot of people under-appreciate the power that window treatments can have on a space. Those old plastic mini-blinds are neither functional nor aesthetically pleasing, so make it your goal to replace them as soon as possible. 

Shutters for Interior Design Success

There are wonderful options out there that won't break the bank. With that in mind, shutters are widely regarded as the end-all, be-all of window treatments. Roman shades, Venetian blinds and fancy drapes are all deserving of praise, but nothing compares to the versatility of these faux wood shutters. Featuring a wide-louvered design and custom-manufactured to fit any window size and shape, they are the perfect selection for any design style.  Though they were originally made to suit the housing needs of those living on s in the south (hence the name), they have since evolved into a major product in the window treatment market. With a seemingly endless array of styles and patterns, you do not have to live in a one-story ranch to experience what interior shutters have to offer.  From a design perspective, they without a doubt make an aesthetic statement. As such, an increasing number of people have turned to incorporating faux shutters with other window treatments (e.g., lower half shutter, upper half roman shades). They look just as great in turn of the century Victorians as they do on modern builds sporting industrial/contemporary themes. No matter what your housing style, be it eclectic or rustic, rural or urban, consider our shutters an ideal design addition. The functional advantages they have over other window treatments cannot be overstated either. Since the shutter covers the window directly, it keeps more air out, meaning your home will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They are also virtually maintenance-free; no need to clean, dust or untangle rope cords. In a word, they are a homeowner's dream come true and they can be had for much less than you might think. Give us a call today to discuss your options!

Eclipse Shutters Launches Their Award-Winning Eclipse Arch!

We are proud to announce the launch of our newest innovation: The Eclipse Arch. Engineered to provide a cohesive look from top to bottom, our arch has all of the same components and attributes of our standard shutter. The design has just been named by the Window Covering Manufacturers Association Awards! The WCMA Awards recognizes significant product advancements in the window covering industry, and we are honored to have won this coveted distinction. We will receive the award at the IWCE Show in May. We look forward to providing our customers with this award-winning product. The Eclipse Arch is available in half-circle, quarter-circle, eyebrow, elliptical and tunnel. Please contact your current fabricator for more information.