How To Clean and Maintain Your Shutters

When decorating your home, you cannot go wrong with a nice set of shutters. Window treatments are functional, stylish and can add a ton of curb appeal and equity to a house. With a wide array of types and options, you have the ability to create a unique design your house guests and next-door neighbors will be in awe of! Interior shutters are made to be low-maintenance, but they do require periodic upkeep. The cleaning process tends be relatively easy, especially when working with wide-louvered panels.

Interior Shutter Cleaning 101

The environment you live in will determine how frequently you need to clean your shutters. Dirt and dust accumulation are more prominent in homes situated in close proximity to heavy traffic areas and near gravel roads. This is the inevitable price to pay when living in urban and rural places, but in any event, your shutters do not deserve to suffer. As far as dusting is concerned, you will want to avoid using feather dusters and other related products. Rather than capture the particles, they spread the material around and ultimately make more of a mess (not to mention force this debris to go airborne). Instead, use either a magnetic dust grabbing cloth or a vacuum cleaner. When using the latter, make sure to attach a soft-bristled brush to the end of the hose. To be thorough and avoid missing any dust, tilt the louvers so that you can also clean the rear. Another important factor to take into consideration is the material type of your  shutters. The three main types are wood, composite and Polyresin. Extra care should be taken when cleaning hardwood with damp cloths as moisture damage can occur if left in contact for too long. Composite is a bit more forgiving, but stay on the safe side by not exposing it to water. Polyresin shutters can easily be cleaned with a small amount of soap and water and a damp cloth. They are the most low-maintenance shutters that are available today and will last a lifetime with minimal care.

Let the Sun In!

Life as we know it would not exist without the sun. Humans have devised many ways to counter the obstacles set in place by the natural world, but we can only go so long without sunlight. A daily dose of natural light is what keeps us happy and healthy. It affects everything from our mood and our circadian rhythms to our physical well-being. On top of that, using natural light helps reduce our energy use.
Your Home Deserves Sunlight Too many homeowners have become accustomed to relying on artificial light at times when it is not needed. In reality, the only time you should ever turn the lights on in your home is after the sun sets, though we know this is a rarity in modern households. There are numerous ways to bring more sunlight into your house, some which are actually fairly creative. One of the easiest ways to add more natural light is to install additional windows, particularly in the rooms that have the fewest number. Placement is more important than quantity, so take the time to assess which wall and window height is best. For upper-level corridors and certain ground floor rooms, a newly installed skylight can significantly increase the amount of natural light. The paint color you use also has a big effect on room lightening as does the presence of mirrors and other reflective products. The darker the shade, the greater the light absorption, this is why it is highly recommended to paint small rooms with neutral color palettes. Strategically placed mirrors will bounce the light from one wall to the next, casting it into the darkest recesses of your home. Another thing you will want to do is spend some time researching window coverings. shutters are an excellent choice for people looking to maximize the flow of natural light as their louvers can be opened fully. The angles provided by these window treatments afford the greatest amount of control with regards to light and privacy, making them a definite win-win. Custom fabricated for every window, they are also perfect coverings for bay windows and other unique, light-maximizing window styles. Your natural light-increasing efforts need not stop inside. Trim nearby tree branches and shrubs that may be impeding incoming sunlight. This will also reveal more of your house and boost its curb appeal. Check out the wide selection of interior shutters at Eclipse Shutters to get started!

The History of Shutter Blinds

You may not know it, but there is a stark difference between shutters and blinds, though many homeowners think of the two as interchangeable.
Shutters vs. Blinds Part of the reason for this confusion concerns how these window coverings came about. "Shutter blinds" refers to first-generation shutters that were once featured on the exterior of houses to prevent break-ins and the onslaught of Mother Nature. When interior shutters were first manufactured, they were used primarily for functional purposes in contrast to the famous Venetian blinds that people sought for aesthetic appeal. It was not until the early 1900s that the style of interior shutters became fashionable, and thus needed to be distinguished from interior blinds. Over the years, there has been a significant rise in window blind subsets, ranging from vertical ones to leather to metal and micro versions with the trend hinging on the style desired during the particular era. On the other hand, shutters have seen little change in their overall structure and design (albeit modern materials and feature customization), but they continue to be one of the most highly sought-after window coverings on the market. Homeowners everywhere love the simplistic elegance that  shutters provide, not to mention the fact that they complement nearly every housing style. shutters serve as the perfect backdrop for any room in your house, and they look extremely attractive from both inside and out. Which Window Covering Should I Buy? Determining whether interior shutters or blinds are the best choice for your home will depend on a number of factors. If you prefer to select from metal, wood or faux-wood, window blinds offer more in the way of versatility. Most shutters are made from either wood or faux wood, but the decision is ultimately yours to make. Wood shutters tend to require more maintenance and long term care than faux wood shutters, and that must also be taken into consideration. Faux wood shutters, such as Eclipse Shutters, are extremely durable and will stand the test of time with minimal care. They will never have to be refinished and will never crack, peel, warp or chip. From a cost perspective, blinds are a more affordable option that will last for years if maintained properly. They do need to be cleaned regularly and care should be taken when working with the pull cord and wand. Shutters will cost more up front but they are far more durable and will last much longer. Eclipse Shutters have a warranty of 25 years! Whichever window covering you choose, just know that when you say the outdated term "shutter blinds," you are actually talking about something that existed centuries ago!

Best Window Coverings for a Lower Energy Bill This Summer

Perfect Sun Blockers

While we all love the summer sun when we're outside, when it steams through our windows into our homes, it heats things up. This can make your home feel like a greenhouse, and your air conditioning unit is forced to struggle to keep up with the rising temperatures.  You can help to reduce your AC's load by keeping the sun's light from entering. Closed interior shutters help to physically block the light, and their light color even bounces the incoming light back out the window.

Easy to Ventilate

During more temperate summer nights, shutters make it easy to turn off the AC altogether. You can open up the windows and let the cooler night air come in to your home without losing privacy. Simply open the louvers of your shutters enough to allow for air flow, but not enough for someone to peek through, to let the soft breezes in for an AC-free cool.

Easy Home Improvements and Repairs

We have now entered unofficial home improvement season, so it is time to bust out your residential work gear! After a long winter, the warmer months give homeowners the opportunity to tackle a host of new projects inside and out.
If you are a fan of home improvement television shows, there are probably millions of ideas floating around in your mind at any given moment, but are any of them feasible? What does your budget say? The great part about owning a home is that you have more than enough time to upgrade, renovate and personalize. The jaw-dropping transformations you see on HGTV are only possible because the hosts have a hefty amount of funds and large crews working around the clock. For now, you can get great results both in terms of aesthetics and ROI by sticking to a few simple home improvement jobs. Your goal may to be sell the property for a higher value or to mix things up, and these projects are guaranteed to exceed the expectations for both! Ideas for Easy Home Upgrades
  • Research and pick out paint swatches - color does so much to a space! It can make small rooms look larger than they are and make dark areas bright and inviting. You will be amazed at what a fresh coat of paint can do, so stop procrastinating and get to painting! Lighter color palettes and schemes are best for homes being listed on the market. The goal is to help prospective buyers see the space as their own, so aim to create a clean slate with neutral tones.
  • Give your windows a makeover - window coverings are a must-have for every home. Whether it is blinds, drapes, curtains or  shutters, changing your window coverings will make a huge difference in your home décor. Window treatments offer many functional benefits (e.g. privacy, light control, etc.) and serve as an aesthetic focal piece. In addition, they're easy and fast to install! Visit our page on shutter installation for details. shutters are the only window treatment that will instantly add value to your home!
  • Swap out that old hardware - When attempting to spruce up your home, it truly is the little things that count. Resist the urge to splurge on new kitchen appliances and purchase inexpensive cabinet hardware instead. Handles, hinges and doorknobs come in a variety of styles and are much more affordable.
In the mood for decorative window coverings? At Eclipse Shutters, we specialize in the manufacturing of custom  shutters. Feel free to call or visit us online to learn more!

Benefits to Consider When Buying Shutters

Updating your home with shutters can give you a lot to think about. You'll be considering the style and color along with the overall aesthetic you hope to achieve. You may want to consider is Eclipse  shutters – these shutters can give you all of the design and style you are searching for, along with many added benefits.

Eclipse  Shutters are Microbial Resistant

Eclipse shutters are made from materials that are shown to resist the growth of mold and mildew. These types of shutters keep moisture from locking in, so they are not susceptible to water damage. Eclipse Shutters are great for people who live in a climate with high humidity and moderate to severe rainfall. They can also be the perfect solution for high moisture rooms in your home, such as the bathroom, even if you don't live in a humid or wet climate. They are especially important in other rooms in your home where you may have interior window shutters exposed to moisture.

GREENGUARD Gold Certified

The GREENGUARD Gold Certification is awarded to products that are acceptable for more sensitive environments and individuals. This means that Eclipse Shutters are safe for use in hospitals and schools, as well as nurseries and homes for the elderly. The shutters have been rigorously tested for low VOC's - or volatile organic compounds.

No Hassle Cleaning

Eclipse shutters are extremely easy to clean. All you need is a duster or a mild soap and water to make your shutter look like new.  Eclipse's custom shutters are made from a Polyresin 3® material that will not fade, stain, peel or warp, so they will last a lifetime with minimal care. The new UltraSatin™ finish has the look of painted wood but will never have to be repainted or refinished.

Last the Life of Your Home

When you purchase shutters from Eclipse Shutters you are promised a 25-year guarantee. We want you to be satisfied with your decision, and we promise to take care of you. If you decide on Eclipse shutters, you will never again have to replace them, unless you change your mind on the style! Allow Eclipse Shutters to enhance your home and your life.