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Cost Effective Home Updates that Actually Pay Off

  Home upgrading can get expensive very quickly. It’s difficult to pick and choose which home updates will be worth the money in the long run. However, updating your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you certainly don’t need to do a complete home renovation. Here are some ways...
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Window Treatments for Businesses

Your window treatments say a lot about your business. A lack of window treatments could make your office space look unfinished. Too-heavy curtains could date your business, and cheap blinds look, well…cheap. Plantation Shutters are the Perfect Option for Businesses Plantation shutters are a classic for a reason. They’re durable,...
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Introducing the New UltraClose™ Hidden Gear Tilt System by Eclipse® Shutters

The team at Eclipse Shutters has quietly been working on something revolutionary. Thankfully, the wait is over. Introducing UltraClose™ Hidden Gear Tilt System We’re happy to announce the release of our brand new UltraClose™ hidden gear tilt system. This patented tilt system is designed for a streamlined look with a...
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What are Divider Rails on Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are not one-size-fits-all. Beautiful, custom shutters should fit your space exactly as you want them to, both in style and function. There are dozens of ways to design a single shuttered window treatment; here’s what your friends at Eclipse Shutters want you to know about divider rails. What...
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Your Options for Decorating an Arched Window

Is there any more striking an architectural feature than an arched window? Arched windows – regular windows featuring a curved or “arched” window at the top – are a common design element in many American homes. They let in a lot of light and accent nearly any style décor, from...
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